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Making Marriage Matter Again

Making Marriage Matter Again

With so many divorces and so few new marriages, the divorce rate has now climbed to 53% — a problem of epic proportions.

We believe we need to make the institution of marriage mean something again... make it truly matter to both husband and wife.

Marriage With Purpose is not just another information or advice site. Rather, we offer an entirely different, fresh new perspective on creating a marriage with purpose... on purpose.

Marriage With Purpose is about creating a high-energy, conviction-driven partnership where all your hopes and dreams are realized — together.

If you are in a good marriage, you will discover how to make it GREAT! You will learn how to take your relationship up to the next level and beyond.

If you are in an "not so good" marriage, you will find the tools you need to immediately improve... both yourself... and your marriage.

Here, you will move from interesting information and insight... to the implementation of a step by step process for taking an average or mediocre marriage, and move it up the continuum from good to great... and great to exceptional.


What Do We Do?

Think of us as Olympic-class Marriage Coaches. Put simply, we build incredibly strong marriages through the systematic, measurable process of continuous personal improvement... using revolutionary new tools based on our time-honored teaching through testing technology.

Because our parent company is the world's leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence, we take a totally DIFFERENT, 100% factual approach to solving complex problems.

This is why we created a Gold Standard Marriage Test — to help people actually SEE, in living COLOR, exactly where their marriage/partnership is STRONG and vibrant, and where it is WEAK and faded.

TQ Marriage Test...

How Do We Do It?

Creating a Marriage With Purpose is not as hard as it might seem... if you use the right set of tools!

Marriage With Purpose is that tool. It has been painstakingly created to take you from your magic first kiss... to happily ever after!

You deserve to be happy... to enjoy the fruits of your commitment, hard work and love for one another.

While there is an abundance of information on this site, we highly recommend you start at the beginning. Discover the magic that is possible within every marriage.

You can find true joy and happiness. You can create a high-energy conviction-driven partnership. That's our promise!

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