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Making Marriage Matter Again

Life Is Expensive ~ Fun Costs Money

Fun Costs Money…

When two people look at the future through the lens of shared values, the money question is always paramount in the background.

Can we afford it?

Is this the right time?

How will this affect our retirement?

If we travel, where will we go and what will we do when we get there?

So does peace of mind…

What’s the cost to your relationship where money worries are your central thoughts?

What’s the cost if you live in fear of major expenses?

What’s the cost of a horrible medical issue?

The first cost is not the cash… it is the fear of losing what you have now, and what you will have in the future.


As you do the core exercises in A Marriage With Purpose and triangulate your Natural Mission, take a final step.

Put a price tag on living those values.

It is good financial planning to address costs up front.


Put a price tag on NOT living those values.

There are lots of ways around and through money issues.

But the cost to a marriage where fear, uncertainty, and doubt rules every decision can be catastrophic.

God Bless,

E. R. Haas