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Making Marriage Matter Again

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

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What’s LOVE Got to Do With It?

Study Ann Lander’s quote above. Marriage experts, not to mention every dating site on earth, emphasize 3 key aspects of finding your “happily ever after”.

Oddly, it’s rare to even hear the “L” word: Love.

They usually focus on 3 factors for a successful relationship:

  • CHEMISTRY: Pure animal attraction. Maybe that’s what Love means?
  • COMPATIBILITY: How well you see eye to eye. Maybe that’s what Love means?
  • ADAPTABILITY: How well you respond to change as a couple. Maybe that’s what Love means?

No question, these 3 ingredients are essential to a Great Marriage, and maybe it’s a good working definition of the word LOVE. What unites these 3 words?

When we wrote Marriage With Purpose we took a different look at LOVE and decided the perfect acronym would be L)iving O)ur V)alues E)nthusiastically!

Think about it. If you live all your Values and achieve all your Visions together — enthusiastically — wouldn’t you LOVE your life… and your partner?

A long time ago, well before I found my happily ever after, a dear friend from Boulder asked me a question that was as profound as it was life-changing.

“E. R.,” Barb asked, “what do you think the opposite of love is?”

“No question,” I responded, “the polar opposite of love is HATE.”

Barb chuckled a bit and asked me if that was my final answer.

“Absolutely,” I replied, “Both words are intense statements of emotions, both good and bad. How could it be anything else?”

“Yes, this is how 99% of the world sees love and hate, but consider another point of view,” Barb answered. “Both love and hate are in fact powerful and evocative emotions. Which is WHY they are not truly opposites.”

Perplexed, I said, “OK, what IS the other end of love, Barb?”

She smiled that wicked little smile that trademarked her inner-genius and said…

The Opposite of LOVE is INDIFFERENCE.

“When you’re indifferent… you just don’t care.”

“When you’re indifferent… there’s no passion… no attachment… no energy at all. Zero commitment. Zero fun. Zero excitement.”

Maybe this is why we now have a 53% divorce rate here in America… terminal indifference. We just lose interest in caring and simply burn out.

If you and your spouse want a High-Energy, Conviction-Driven Partnership that will stand the test of time, it’s time to experience Marriage With Purpose. You will LIVE your values enthusiastically and fall in love over and over again with your partner. You will NEVER fall into the death spiral of turning passion into indifference.

Take ONE FULL YEAR to prove that it is as indispensable as we say, and if not, we will gladly give you your money back. We work on the Honor System here, so no need to even send anything back… you ask, we refund.

Experience Excellence,
E. R. Haas, CEO

P.S. If you are a relationship coach, psychologist or marriage counselor dealing with the reality of toxic relationships, this book offers a completely different approach to helping the couples you serve.

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