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Making Marriage Matter Again

The Marriage Challenge

“An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets, the more interested he is in her.” – Agatha Christie

The Happily Ever After Challenge…



Everyone wants a marriage that matters.

Everyone wants to go from GOOD to GREAT to EXCEPTIONAL.

Notice the stops on our Marriage Continuum (above).

Pretty simple, right?

You say, “I DO…” and you start your marriage life. Everything’s great.

But at some point, we hit snags, challenges, obstacles, and in some cases, unthinkable tragedy. Maybe we started with good intentions and were on the cusp of a Great marriage… then boom.

One day you wake up and you see that you slipped from Good to Average on the way down to Mediocre and Struggling.

You NEVER want to devolve into TOXIC.

Our advice, dream more and learn to not only share the dream but make a promise to each other.

Remember our definition of a Marriage With Purpose: “A high-energy conviction-driven partnership where you help me achieve my dreams and I will help you achieve yours.”


But, one of the greatest challenges to a relationship is to capture all our Someday Dreams, share them with our partner, and put them onto a bucket list.

It sounds pretty easy, but most people need to spark their imagination in a completely different way.

Not through the left brain or right brain, but through our heart’s eyes.

When we created the Vision exercises in Marriage With Purpose we started with clear instructions to open your heart… quiet your head-chatter… and feel what you want the future to become.

The idea is to see a future containing all your deepest values, and you living them.

Ultimately, connecting the dots between what you value most and your vision of what’s possible for your life means that every action you take becomes purposeful and meaningful.


Because your love shows through what you value and your dreams reflect your visions.

Then, all you must do is step up to the plate and take your swing!

Why not take a moment right now to write out just 3 of your Someday Dreams?

Have your partner do the same.

Feel their calling from the great sea of time.

God Bless,

E. R. Haas