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By using this site you are agreeing to the TQ Terms of Service — nothing major but if you are concerned, please do not enter any personal information of any kind.

When you register with us, we ask you to tell us about yourself and your business. Why do we want this information? What do we do with it?

Simple. Our goal is to measure the world’s Business IQ over the next few years and then show people how to improve it by 20-30 points or more.

Part of that plan involves letting people, like yourself, know how they compare to other people within the same types of businesses, sex, profession, income bracket, region and a variety of other variables.

We also plan to do statistical comparisons between these various factors, to see if any of them affect the composite Business Intelligence.

We will make those results available to you, the media and the world as well — but ONLY on an anonymous basis.

We realize that you value your privacy and have concerns regarding who might get to see this information.

That answer, too, is easy…

No One Else!

Any data collected on our site is for our internal use only.

This data will NEVER be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed to anyone else without your prior authorization.

You have our word.