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Making Marriage Matter Again

The Exceptional Marriage

The Definition of the word EXCEPTIONAL:

Outstanding, extraordinary, remarkable, special, excellent, phenomenal; unequaled, unparalleled, unique, unsurpassed, peerless, matchless, extraordinary, rare, unprecedented.

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A Marriage that Matters.
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High end of the spectrum: Pure joy, wonder, elation, ecstasy.

Low end of the spectrum: Happiness, excellence, unique, uncommon, rare.

Objective: Optimize, expand and increase quality of life by choosing to embrace even bigger and more complex missions.

Your marriage is already a success, so it is time to show your LOVE even more… SERVE in ever greater capacities… and if you are deeply religious, GLORIFY God by teaching others to use their talents and gifts to their fullest.

What could be beyond a life of happiness and significance?

In a word: JOY.

Many people tend to equate the words happiness and joy, believing that they are somehow on the same level, and offer the same degree of emotional “juice.”

We believe there is a significant difference, and that JOY is the hallmark difference between a truly GREAT marriage, and an EXCEPTIONAL marriage.

  • Exceptional Marriages are primarily driven by pursuing and increasing personal authenticity and capability. For the most part, people consider themselves as having an exceptional Marriage with the following characteristics.
  • Mutual service. No job is off limits for either spouse.  A 100/100 equal partnership keeps them from a 50/50 mentality.  Respect is valued more than “fairness” or sharply defined roles and responsibilities. Each person actively looks for opportunities to serve and nurture their mate. This enables chores/domestic responsibilities to be passed back and forth gracefully, and accomplished efficiently.
  • True intimacy, with no alternative motives.  It’s an appreciation because no matter how much they give to the marriage they know they will not be taken for granted. They see each other as their best hope for becoming the individual God created them to be by the end of their lives. By helping each other become their personal best, they find hope, strength and move toward actualization of their shared personal & spiritual values, shared visions, and the shared roles that each will play to accomplish their goals and dreams.
  • Authentic empathy. The intense interest in and sharing each other’s worlds tend to remove the last blockages to communication. They do not just listen to each other. They feel what each other feels.

To move up from Good to Great to Exceptional, marriages must develop a truly spiritual sexuality by setting serious limits on anything that distracts them from realizing their values, and exhibit a willingness to make sacrifices.

What more could you want than to connect with the Divine through your marriage? May your marriage continue to grow and bring you closer to God.

Spiritual Partner Marriage whose marital theme is the pursuit of intimacy, empowering, and actualization of a marriage with purpose. These couples are a joyful, living, breathing example of a couple living their best life together by embracing common personal and spiritual values. These couples hold common traits:

  • A commitment to keep life simple — they are off the fast track in trying to please other people over the spouses needs, having discovered deeper values.
  • A commitment to keep family a priority — both husband and wife are competent at all aspects of family life.
  • A commitment for Empowerment over equality — they know they are equal, they don’t have to prove it. They desire to never take the other for granted so they accomplish what needs to be done without worrying about whose responsibility a task is.  A decision to empower your mate everyday.
  • As a husband — be that at work, rest or play — you cannot lead your wife if your not able to deliver your vision and live your purpose. When you empower your family to become all they can be, to fulfill their purpose, then they will continue to look to you as the leader.
  • You empower your mate when you serve them.
  • You empower your mate when you honor them.
  • You empower your mate when you respect them.
  • You empower your mate when you value them.
  • You empower your mate when you trust them.
  • You empower others when you love them.
  • A commitment to keep each other as best friends, they have virtually no secrets from each other, and have achieved a level of spiritual sexuality that is truly desirable.
  • A commitment to maintaining a Winner’s Mindset when life becomes unpredictable.
  • A commitment to allowing each other freedom to be spontaneous and creative, have a good sense of humor, value their privacy, can take care of themselves, are capable of deeply intimate relationships, and have an open, positive attitude about life.

“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.” Franz Schubert

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