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Making Marriage Matter Again

The Secret to an Extraordinary Marriage…




If you are looking to take your marriage up from Good to GREAT to Exceptional, you have found exactly what you’re looking for!

If you are in a relationship… want to be in a relationship… just got out of a relationship… are married… single… divorced… or just looking… Marriage With Purpose has been written specifically for YOU.

Remember, to get what YOU want out of life, you simply need to help others get what THEY want.

That other person is your partner!

Marriage With Purpose is about creating a high-energy, conviction-driven partnership where all your dreams and visions come true — together.

Shared dreams and goals are a powerful force…

Shared values create a life of meaning and significance…

Shared roles are what make a good life great!

Marriage With Purpose is not so much a BOOK you read, it’s a magic vessel that holds all your hopes and dreams — what you want more than anything else in life — and who you will become to live it. It is different from any other book on your shelf and offers a clear path to your happily ever after.

By the time you complete this fully interactive digital program, you will have everything you need to create a new marriage pledge that gives you the road map to a life filled with happiness, satisfaction and meaning.

You can have it all and you can start now! Your happiness is our mission and is unconditionally guaranteed.



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Our Promise to You…

mwpcoverWe could go on and on about why you should experience a Marriage With Purpose

We could present 15 charts,  produce 22 experts, and give you a list of bullet points a mile long…

Or, we can just put Marriage With Purpose in your hands to experience it for yourself… in the privacy of your own home for the next full year!

So, here’s our promise to you…

Order Marriage With Purpose risk free.

It will shortly sell for $39.95 and worth every penny.

Today, it’s yours for just $19.95! Download it immediately.

Read it… experience it… fill in your own story… discover how you and your partner can create the magic you both desire…

If you do not believe it changed your life, just let us know and we will happily refund your money and part company friends.

Follow the 3 easy to understand steps, and you will find exactly what you have been hoping and praying for.

Millions of people have a happy, successful marriage.

Millions of people have found the secrets to a Good relationship, and now want to make it GREAT!

You can too.



Just $20 Limited Time Only…

Order Risk Free With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Marriage With Purpose is a virtual personal resource — a fully interactive, never-ending  story about you and your partner—an ebook that you can use on your computer, iPad or tablet. If it’s not for you, we will happily refund your money in full.

Not just within 30 days…

Not just within 180 days…


This either changes your life, or we give you your money back. We can either help you, or we don’t want to take your money.mbg

We operate on the honor system and truly believe that if we help you, you will help us by spreading the word.

Over the last 25 years, we have helped millions of people discover a new way of looking at their lives—in full-color, full-spectrum detail.

We know Marriage With Purpose will change your life from the ground up.

We know that right now, you might be thinking, sounds good, but how do I know if it’s for ME or not?

EXACTLY—which is why we are willing to put it into your hands to actually USE.

This is not some cheesy first three chapter teaser.

You get the full 228 page, interactive edition of Marriage With Purpose… which will show you what you can do to fan the embers of interest into roaring flames of passion.



Just $20 Limited Time Only…

Order Risk Free With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee…


The Secret to Happily Ever After…

Marriage With Purpose is not a light-hearted story book about the wonders of personal relationships and advice on how men from Mars can find happiness with women from Venus.

It is not a love potion number 9 fantasy intended to help you manipulate your partner with some kind of subliminal seduction.

If that’s what you are hoping for, this isn’t it. It’s better!

Marriage With Purpose is a never-ending story—a dream book designed to move you from that all important first kiss… to the happily ever after you and your partner so richly desire. Our goal is to give you everything you need to make that magic first kiss last a lifetime!

  • You can have a highly successful, loving relationship where you and your partner get everything you want out of life—together.
  • You and your partner will find the source of high-energy commitment and dial your relationship up a notch or two.
  • Your marriage will grow stronger as you create a conviction-driven bond that will become a living testament to what you both value in life.

Shared values and shared visions are not an accidental happenstance… they are not a function of nurture vs. nature… they are the result of keeping the conversation going and growing.

We just make it easy to get the conversation started and keep it rolling forward. The result is simply this: You create the energy needed to get everything you and your partner want—together.



Just $20 Limited Time Only…

Order Risk Free With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Inside Marriage With Purpose

There are literally thousands of books written about marriage, but none like this!

Because we are performance experts, we see things differently. We see success in marriage just like a success in any other area of life… and you never get out of it more than what you put in.

The truth is, there IS a continuum to marriage, and you are ALWAYS on it… sometimes moving up from Good to Great and other times, you have trouble holding it together and start to sink from Average to Mediocre.


The key is to keep your energy UP and your spirit moving towards your dreams.

Which is precisely where WE come in!

Think of Marriage With Purpose as a fun, friendly and tremendously positive life-coach that leads you, step by step, through 3 simple exercises that will open your eyes to the possibilities and potential for growth:

  • A highly evocative look at what you VALUE most, and how those values energize your marriage. Create a strong emotional bond between what you and your partner value, and those shared values will propel you to live the life you love—together.
  • An incredible look forward to all your Someday Dreams and what you feel is right for you. Just by taking time to reaffirm the dreams you have, or create brand new visions for your life, you find all important direction for you and your partner.
  • Finally, an in-depth look at the roles you play to live your values and achieve your visions sets you on the path to your destiny. When you can agree that this is what you both will do to make your life an action adventure, WOW!

When you and your partner do this work together, magic happens.

You begin to create that high-energy, conviction-driven partnership you have always known is possible, yet just seems to be beyond your grasp.

The good news is, Marriage With Purpose will extend your reach!



Just $20 Limited Time Only…

Order Risk Free With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee…

The Power of Pure Conviction…

So many of our customers are now back in the deep end of the dating pool. Maybe not swimming with the sharks, but it’s pretty scary none the less!

Maybe they lost their partner to death or divorce and are now starting over… and want to move forward on the best footing possible.

Maybe they have just “been looking” for a few years.

We have found that the single biggest reason Good marriages fall apart is where one or both of the partners say,

“We just wanted different things…”

So our advice is to get this RIGHT the first time… not to try to figure out what you want in the heat of the moment.

Knowing what you personally want is a big driver of marriage success. We call it the power of pure conviction.

If you are confused, how do you expect to help someone else help you get what you want?!

If you haven’t thought through your values recently—and applied them to all of your Someday dreams—how do you expect someone else to, hand in hand, lead you down the path to wedded bliss?

What we promise is nothing less than that fairytale ending, from magic first kiss to happily ever after you are seeking.

You do not need to believe a word we say, so experience Marriage With Purpose yourself.

We simply want to help you live the life of your dreams.

Our approach is different. Some would say we have created the “instruction guide” for living in a fantasy world… living inside a high-energy, conviction-driven partnership where both you and your partner get what you want out of life—together.


Here’s a short outline of Marriage With Purpose

  • On Page 6 you will understand the purpose of a marriage… and it’s not at all what you might think! With a divorce rate now at 53%, this is an important conversation, so we want everyone on the same page…
  • On Page 14 you will learn exactly why Good marriages flounder and start rolling downhill…
  • On Page 16 you will learn about that magic first kiss and what LOVE has to do with a happy marriage…
  • On Page 23 you will see exactly where YOUR marriage falls on the marriage continuum, and why this is such an important conversation…
  • On Page 45 you will see how Average marriages start to fall from Struggling to Toxic…
  • On Page 55 you will discover the step by step path to enduring happiness…
  • On Page 58 you will learn why CONVICTION is the starting point for a Great marriage…
  • On Page 62 you will learn how to set crystal-clear direction for your marriage and put it on the fast track to eternal success…
  • On Page 71 you will see the vivid emotional connections between your values… your visions and the roles you play in your marriage…
  • On Page 101 you and your partner will have a well developed list of what you value more than anything else in the world, and be willing to defend those values with true conviction…
  • On Page 176 you will see, in vivid detail, what your future together could look like and what it will take to make all your Someday Dreams come true…
  • On page 216 you will prioritize your most important roles in life and determine where you, and your partner, will spend your precious time—personally and together…
  • On page 224 you will summarize all this information into a revised Pledge to create that high-energy, conviction-driven partnership we have been searching for.

Yes, Marriage With Purpose will change your life—not with just more and better information—but with the power of your conviction that what you are doing is the RIGHT thing to be doing, both individually and as a couple.

The strength of Marriage With Purpose  is in giving you and your partner real-world talking points… things you might have never considered before… things that you want and have never been able to explain.

When you have reached the last page, you will understand the full power behind this declaration…

                 “I am your partner in this… believe it!” 



Just $20 Limited Time Only…

Order Risk Free With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee…