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Making Marriage Matter Again

Success In Marriage Inspiration — Be The Man

Success In Marriage Inspiration
Be The Man

This post on “success in marriage  inspiration”  is designed to be…

Short enough to be read quickly,
And yet meaningful enough to make a difference — a quality, positive difference in your marriage adventure.

The difference could land somewhere between “not much/but positive” or  “Man, this is helpful.”  Let’s see how it lands…and, remember, “how it lands” will be dependent in part on how you respond to the reflections and questions below.

Be The Man
Be the man in marriage who
cherishes way more than not,
cares instead of criticizes,
and honors above all.
© Lee Wise

Success In Marriage Inspiration
Be The Man — Reflections

Talk about three very, very important success in marriage concepts…

And Honoring.

How many times have you encountered a woman who, painfully so, has not felt cherished consistently?  The results speak for themselves.  And, following closely on the heals of that realization usually may be found some level of a practice of caring that is lacking — let alone the subject of “honoring.”

What I am saying is that the sadness observed or felt in a marriage relationship because of a lack of these three concepts being practiced on a regular basis should be a motivation us as men to…

Commit to making just the opposite happen in the lives of the wives we love.

Success In Marriage Inspiration
Be The Man — Questions

Now for a few brief reflective questions here: but first, a caution.  The caution has to do with a sincere appeal to seek balance in how you might respond: I’m not one for promoting either excessive or unnecessary guilt.  All  of us fail.  Having said that, however, there is a need for being truthful on the other side of the proverbial fence.  Not doing well is… not doing well.  Now for the questions.

“Would my wife say that in my discussions with other people that I reflect my cherishing her?”

“How about my children?  Do you feel that they are saying to others something like: ‘My dad may not be perfect, but I can tell you this: he honors, cherishes and cares for mom.  I never doubt that.'”?

“Am I cherishing my wife in prayer… being thankful, balanced and supporting her in every way I can?”

Success In Marriage Inspiration
Be The Man — Your Take Away

“My one positive, affirming, “success in marriage inspiration” takeaway for today is….


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