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Parenting With Jesus Inspiration — Dads, Children And Listening

Parenting With Jesus Inspiration…
Dads, Children And Listening 

Let’s begin #2 of our “Parenting With Jesus Inspiration” series with a brief prayer.  Obviously, this is directly related to Christian father but the ideas could apply to many situations.  

“Lord, I ask you to read with me about listening to my kids.  You know I love them.  You know I love you.  So, just strengthen my heart to hear what you would have me to hear — even if what I am to hear does not directly relate to what is said below.  I simply know this topic is important, and I desire to grow with you in this skill of listening to my children.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Parenting With Jesus Inspiration…
An Inspirational Quote

On Listening
As we love, so we listen.
As we listen, so we learn.
And as we love and learn,
So we serve as Jesus serves.
©Lee Wise

 Parenting With Jesus Inspiration…
Dads, Children And Listening

This will be…

Short, but meaningful.
Brief, but necessary.
And way beyond important: it’s critical.  

Yes, dad, I believe that the practice of listening well to the children the Lord gives us to raise is absolutely critical in the child-rearing process… and beyond.  And while much may be taken in regarding this subject elsewhere, I would like to prompt your godly reflection by drawing your attention the 5 areas of concentration below.  

One: Purpose And Commitment

Dad, make a commitment to listen well to your children.  Tie purpose and commitment together.  Bind them with determination and allow them to propel you ever forward in this life long adventure.  Please believe me: godly, take-to-heart, father-listening does not end when the children leave the home.

Two: Stop And Look

To listen well, you must govern your eyes… and the mind that controls those eyes.  To use a common phrase, decide to “be in the moment” with your children as needed.  Allow your eyes to see what you should see and your ears to hear what you should hear.  And you should hear the heart: that’s the goal.

 Three: Cherish And Guard The Heart

During this entire process, make it a part of “the purpose and commitment package” to cherish the heart of your child and guard it well.  You listen to the heart for the purpose of cherishing and guarding the heart of your child.  And, as you would expect, this involves guarding your heart as well.

Four: Praying And Loving 

All of this ongoing process is based on prayerful dependence upon the Lord while making a determined effort to underline all of what we have spoken of with your heart of love.

Your heart will speak… and it will speak volumes.

Will it always be appreciated?  Answer: you already know the answer.  But you love anyway.

Love provides the reasons, reinforces the commitment, and sustains the journey.

 Five: Learn And Grow

Listening in the ways being described means learning and growing.  As we learn, so we grow.  And as we continue to grow, so we learn.

We must.

Why?  Because the learning and growing process constitutes a major aspect of the entire process!

Parenting With Jesus Inspiration…
Dads, Children And Listening

Reviewing the five main points above, which of those five points stands out the most?

Should you begin to improve upon one aspect of any of the areas mentioned above, which one could you begin with today?   

It could be a hard question, but by any chance would your review prompt the need to correct some things? Is asking forgiveness needed?

© Lee Wise All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this inspirational note. The copyright and this resource box must be included.

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