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Making Marriage Matter Again

The Purpose of Marriage…

Couple Having Arguement At Home

What is the Purpose of Marriage?

Put another way, “Why get married at all?”

What’s the reason, the real purpose of two people signing up for a commitment that is to last a lifetime… in poverty and in wealth… in sickness and in health?


Of course, this question can be answered in a number of ways, depending on your point of view: Companionship, love, raging hormones, procreation, religious convictions, raising a family, merging a family, more and better sex (studies have proven married people have the edge,) economic codependency, security, spiritual camaraderie… the list is endless.

We believe, and you will too, that there is one over-arching purpose for a marriage, and makes the list of reasons listed above possible. Our definition is based on mutual agreement and leads to taking the actions necessary to actually LIVE a marriage with purpose, on purpose.

From our point of view the broad purpose of marriage is to create a high-energy, conviction-driven partnership that supports and empowers each person to live their values and achieve their most cherished visions. Together. Forever.

This definition implies that you and your partner will be actively engaged in the dream-weaving and dream-achieving business… creating the life that you both want.

Your purpose in married life is to help your partner experience his or her greatest aspirations.

Their purpose is to help you live what’s most important to you.

You are each the #1 best friend and life long supporter of the other.

When both of you can declare…

“I AM your partner in this. Believe it…”

You will have an Exceptional marriage… a true partnership that becomes the gold standard of a life of happiness, satisfaction and significance… a pure joy.

Being married with purpose is everything you are seeking and more!