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Sharing Life With Jesus Inspiration – On Living Well

Sharing Life With Jesus Inspiration
~ On Living Well ~

As has been said in earlier posts, the design here is for these words to be:

Inspirational in nature,
Brief enough to be taken in rather quickly,
And helpful enough to be put into practice in your everyday world.

Living Well
Trading who I could have been
for who I can be in Jesus.
© Lee Wise

Sharing Life With Jesus Inspiration
Living Well — Reflections

I came to know Christ as my personal Savior a bit later than some.  After several years of searching for God, I was introduced to the simple saving love of Jesus by a Navy Corpsman during my time in the Marines.  

And it changed my life.

Why do I share that here?  I share it because of the quote above: for me — and I believe for many — life with Jesus at…

Every decision
Every turn,
And every adventure…

Is a trade.

I have the honor of trading how, when and why I might do certain things outside of Jesus and his saving grace for how, when and why I can do those things “inside” of the love, grace, power and wisdom of Jesus.

I have the honor of trading how I could view life outside of Jesus for how I choose to view life — even with all of its complexities — in Jesus: a scale-tipping difference!

And all of this “trade difference” applies to our marriage and family life.  We trade the wisdom of the world for the wisdom, power and love of Jesus about how and why we…

Interact with our mates,
Raise and relate to our children,
Serve in our church,
And interact with others outside of our fellowship or church environment.

Sharing Life With Jesus Inspiration
Living Well — Questions

As you think about your own journey with Jesus at this stage of your life, what “trades” are now (or have been) the most meaningful in your life?  Would it be good for you to reflect on those and thank the Lord for those trades that your heart brings to mind?

Should you be taking to a young person with the idea of “the trades you will need to make in the future” in terms of what it means to follow Jesus, what would be three of the most important tips you would share with that person?  Why?

Should you journal any of your responses above —  or any other ones that come to mind while reflecting on these “trade issues”?

Sharing Life With Jesus Inspiration
Living Well — Your Take Away

“My one positive, affirming, “success in marriage inspiration” takeaway for today is….


© Lee Wise All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this inspirational note. The copyright and this resource box must be included.

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