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Making Marriage Matter Again

Christians and Divorce – How to Take Care of Yourself After Your Divorce

Christians divorce just as much as non-Christians but often feel as if they have failed God and don’t deserve a good future. That is not true. God understands that sin causes broken relationships. He hates divorce, but He loves you. Regardless of what happened in your marriage that led to the divorce, He cares deeply about you now and wants you to be healed and restored.

Divorce requires a huge readjustment in your life. It takes time to re-orient and rebuild. In the process, you have to learn to take care of yourself. Consider these helpful tips:

1. Find a new support system that is safe, supportive, helpful, and understanding while holding you accountable. You need people that care about you and that will be honest with you so you can grow.

2. Learn how to take care of yourself emotionally. Get therapy if you need it. Deal with your difficult emotions as they come up in healthy ways. Stuffing emotions is counter-productive.

3. Take care of yourself physically even when you don’t want to. Make a decision to rest, exercise, eat, and take care of health problems. When you feel bad about yourself, you have a tendency to neglect your body’s needs.

4. Expand and stimulate your mind by reading, learning new things, and engaging in purposeful activities.

5. Seek a deeper spiritual life. Regardless of where you were before, deepen your walk with the Lord with prayer, Bible study, meditation, praise, and joining a Bible study. You may decide to find a new church, if it is too painful to be in the church where you went with your spouse.

6. Ask for help. You may not have needed help before from the church, family members and friends, but you probably need it now. Be willing to ask so you don’t feel frustrated and alone. This can be in things like finances, car repairs, home repairs or life problems.

When Christians divorce, they don’t have to give up on having a great life filled with good things. Take care of yourself after your divorce with God’s blessing.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERS