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Making Marriage Matter Again

Success In Marriage Inspiration — On Our Quiet Battles

Success In Marriage Inspiration
On Our Quiet Battles

This is number 5 in this “Success In Marriage Inspiration” series.  As you have seen before, these posts are designed to be:

Brief, Inspirational, and meaningful.  Brief enough where you don’t need all day to read it.  Inspirational enough where you might spontaneously think at later moment “I’d like to get back there and see what more there is,” and meaningful enough initiate a positive, personalized response in your world.

The thoughts today deal with the quiet battles of our lives.  Those inside moments on the battlefields of our minds and hearts that, while not pleasant, can be building blocks for us and through us to our marriage partners.

Now on to the our main success in marriage inspirational poem for the day…


Quiet Battles

It is on the quiet and unseen
pages of the heart where my most
significant times of victory or
defeat are embedded.  

For it is here, on these sacred
pages, where my destiny is written
and forged by the choices I make.

I will, therefore, strive to choose
love over hate, truth over falsehood,
forgiveness over bitterness, joy over
despair, and mercy over revenge.  

In short, I will seek to guard my
heart and write on its pages many,
many times over the positive results
of the good choices I have made during
my short stay on this earth.
© Lee Wise All rights reserved

Success In Marriage Inspiration
On Our Quiet BattlesReflections

My simple — but certainly not simplistic — reason for sharing this as a “success in marriage inspiration” is this:

Our quiet battles can:

Make us,
Break us,
Or do just about everything in between to us and our marriage partner…

Depending on the choices we make.  The choices we make to:

Go to the Lord,
Not seek the Lord,
See and seek the truth,
Pray or not to pray…

And a host of other things: a host of other things.

Our “battle field choices”  can serve to create more than a few positive outcomes of our lives in ways planned and ways we cannot even dream to have set in motion before they turned up on the shores of our emotional, physical or spiritual life experiences.

Success In Marriage Inspiration
On Our Quiet BattlesQuestions

The quiet battles of my life: am I allowing them to draw me into the Presence of Jesus?

Am I sharing with the Lord all that I am — and all that I am not — for the purpose of Him “invading” my life with his strength, purpose, power and grace?

In the reading of the poem above, what thoughts come to mind?  And, do any of those thoughts need to be acted upon in positive, faith building or marriage building ways?

Success In Marriage Inspiration
On Our Quiet BattlesYour Take Away

“My one positive, affirming, “success in marriage inspiration” takeaway for today is….


© Lee Wise All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this inspirational note. The copyright and this resource box must be included.

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